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SpiTrex Orthopedics was borne out of three companies, and has added a forth,
with the mission of improving lives together, around the world.

Where CTE all started

CTE Solutions

Culver Tool & Engineering, LLC was established in 1950. By 1963, CTE had established itself as a major production broaching house for Northern Indiana. In October of 1966, the business was sold and maintained it's status as a leader in the automotive broaching industry. In 1989, Culver Tool was given an opportunity to broach spinal implants for the medical industry.

Between 1989 and 2011, Culver Tool & Engineering transformed itself into one of the largest contract spinal rod manufacturers in the orthopedic industry and continued providing service to the broaching community.

In 2014, CTE Solutions completed its journey into the medical field and is currently providing solutions to our customers’ needs by supplying the highest quality of instrumentation and implants in the market.


MDI Devices

MDI is an innovative, detail-oriented company dedicated to world-class orthopedic implants and medical device manufacturing located in Lancaster, PA. MDI was formed in 2012 and was led by Ed and Mary Burton, original founders of HDJ Co. (1962) and SMD, Specialized Medical Devices (1996). We are a company built on 20/20 hindsight…we know what works and what doesn't.

We are proud of our history and our family orientated approach to doing business.  We believe in building lasting partnerships with our customers and providing the very best customer experience. We are also delighted to keep the Burton family heritage going with Mary's grand-daughter Savannah Smucker, our Director of Sales and Operations.

Our elite team of CNC machinists, quality control technicians and manufacturing engineers have formed a close-knit, service-driven group that has operated seamlessly for well over 20 years.

SpiTrex MDI is the next exciting chapter in our story.

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MDI was formed in 2012 and is led by Ed and Mary Burton
The mediliant team


We are providing to our customers a very responsive solution to their subcontracting needs with Swiss made products, complying to the different regulatory requirement (ISO13485, FDA, ANVISA,…).

Founded in 2013, Mediliant manufactures highly customized Orthopedics implants on behalf of medical device companies of all sizes.

By leveraging our expertise, experience & the power of a global group, Mediliant Switzerland delivers elegant product design, reliable timelines, as well as shorter time to market.

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